North Puffin, the Town

North Puffin
the Town

      In most election years, North Puffin can be found somewhere between the Canadian National Health system and the Montpeculiar centralized property tax collection consortium.
      The hamlet of North Puffin shares the fertile downslope between the Green Mountains and the no- longer- Great- but- still- pretty- darned-good- Lake Champlain with South Puffin, Puffin Center, and Puffin's Gore. Puffin Center houses the seat of local government while South Puffin holds those upwardly mobile merchants who compete successfully against the big box stores in nearby Chittenden County. No one has ever visited Puffin's Gore.
      With a population that varies from 3 to 3,000 as the story requires, our hamlet proper is the home to the North Puffin Research Institute, a wide collection of broken toasters, heatless waffle irons, a combination health food store, coffeehouse, cafe, and aroma therapy shop, and, of course, one rowdy white cat and a very large, khaki-colored, profoundly retarded dog.
      We have an international airport (OK, a Canadian plane got lost here last year) and an interesting history involving rum, late night boat rides, and barns with very deep foundations, Most recently, the Border Patrol has erected and then razed a series of electronic border crossing detectors. Probably to catch the errant Canadian planes.

      Please remember to make your contribution to our retirement fund. This "tax on people who can't do math " adds to the North Puffin public education funding with every ticket.

Come to North Puffin to play. We do.
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