North Puffin, the Town

Why North Puffin?

      Elsewhere, I discuss what North Puffin is and list some of the attractions: a variable population beloved with census takers, the famed North Puffin Research Institute, a kitchen appliance collection, and the aroma therapy shop. Here I'll pop open the top of a writer's skull and show you what passes for grey matter therein.
      Most writers at one time or another create an imaginary world. Speculative fiction hosts outer space and inner depths. Dramatists need an electrifying setting. Humorists tap that vein of the odd to keep you off balance. Opinion writers might have a different plan.
      Something about shielding the innocent and protecting the guilty.
      I discovered in the heat of a political campaign that the Democrats got one thing right. People don't want to hear pontification about statistics. When I sit down at the kitchen table with Joe and Jane, the farmers up the road, they want to know how much their own personal taxes will go up. They want to know whether the guy at the quick stop is really spilling gas. They want to know if the librarian will get a new computer or a new book.
      North Puffin lets me do exactly that without ever once embarrassing Joe and Jane personally.

Come to North Puffin to play. We do.
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